Colbert Praises Chuck Grassley's Mystifying Twitter Feed (VIDEO)

WATCH: Colbert Pays Tribute To Senator's Baffling Tweets

If you've ever seen Sen. Chuck Grassley's (R-IA) Twitter feed, you know that it's a confusing mess of Republican messages composed of abbreviations, Internet shorthand and just plain weirdness.

But Stephen Colbert comes not to bury Grassley's baffling Twitter account, but to praise it. Because even though Grassley, 78, set off a mini-firestorm over this weekend after he appeared to call President Obama "stupid" in a tweet, Colbert pointed out that the context in which he did it was far more relevant than the offending adjective.

After reading out the tweet phonetically, Colbert said, "I believe Grassley's just proving that he's a fiscal conservative by refusing to buy a vowel."

"This isn't just tweeting! This is avant-garde stream of consciousness poetry! It's Jack Kerouac typing 'On the Road' with his thumbs!"

Obviously, Colbert was inspired to copy Grassley's new messaging style, and did so right there on his show.

Since last night, he's sent about a dozen other Grassley-style missives from @StephenAtHome, all with the hashtag #igotthetweetslikegrassley. He encouraged his viewers to do the same -- so go wild, readers! Chuck Grassley would want it that way.

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