Colbert Takes On The Rand Paul-Supporting Head Stomper (VIDEO)

Stephen Colbert kicked things off on the "Report" last night by addressing the shocking video unearthed this week of a Rand Paul supporter literally stomping the head of a activist.

The incident, which happened outside of a Kentucky debate Monday night, had colbert "praising" the assailants for protecting Rand Paul from the 115-pound activist.

"Two men had the courage to throw her to the ground and hold her down, while a third hero stomped on her melon," Colbert reported, adding that it "was her own fault" for not knowing Tea Party rally protocol.

"Everyone knows that if you don't want someone to step on your face at a tea party rally, you carry a flag that says 'Don't tread on me,'" he said.

Colbert also noted that the woman is doing fine and mocked the man who did the stomping, especially for his half-hearted apology and complaints that he hurt his back during the incident. Not one to let a problem go unsolved, Colbert offered a solution in the form of a new product that aids in head-stompings without back pain: the "Reacher-Stomper."