The Colbert Report On Tacocopter: Stephen Wants His Tacos Delivered By Aerial Drone Helicopter, Too (VIDEO)

On Tuesday night, noted government deregulation advocate (and late night comedian) Stephen Colbert used his bully pulpit on The Colbert Report to discuss the challenges facing Tacocopter, a startup we covered in depth here on HuffPost Tech.

"I always want to be on the cutting edge of sitting perfectly still while food is being brought near my mouth," Colbert said by way of introduction to the sadly nonexistent (as of yet!) Tacocopter. A combination of tacos and helicopters, Tacocopter is a concept food delivery service that would allow customers to place an order for tacos on their smartphone and then have the retaurant send out the order via a drone helicopter, which would drop the tacos at your location and then fly back to the restaurant for its next order.

Tacocopter is still a concept at this point due to a number of logistical issues, as well the U.S. government's disapproval of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) delivering food to consumers.

That's where Colbert -- who hates, among other things, overregulation -- comes in.

Watch him rip the U.S. government for denying him the right to have his tacos delivered via "surgical flavor strike" (and check out the HuffPostTech masthead on the small screen!).

Our original article on Tacocopter -- which you can see quoted in the video! -- includes a lengthy interview with one of the founders of the airborne taco delivery service and can be found right here.

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