Colbert Rips Arizona Abortion Law: 'They're Not Only Pro-Life -- They're Pre-Life' (VIDEO)

WATCH: Colbert Rips Arizona Abortion Law

No one has covered the "War on Women" quite like Stephen Colbert, and Monday night's "Report" was no different.

Colbert devoted his usual "Tip Of The Hat/Wag Of The Finger" segment to women's issues -- specifically, the newfangled trend of pheromone parties and Arizona's recently passed anti-abortion bill that says life begins two weeks before conception.

"They're not only pro-life -- they're pre-life," Colbert exclaimed, having most likely invented the pro-life movement's new slogan.

Colbert tipped his hat to the AZ law, especially after realizing that based on its logic, any women who is not currently menstruating can be considered legally pregnant. Let's just say: Colbert has a special lady in his life that now deserves his congratulations.

Watch the full clip above.

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