Colbert Rips Glenn Beck For MLK Connections (VIDEO)

Colbert Rips Glenn Beck For MLK Connections (VIDEO)

Stephen Colbert loves Glenn Beck. So much that he even bought his cologne, Patriot Tears. And as an avid fan, he couldn't help but notice that the Fox News host gone from calling himself a "Rodeo Clown" (an apt analogy as both "work with bullsh--t") to associating himself with God. Quite a leap.

And if that transformation wasn't enough, he's making pit stops at Martin Luther King comparisons along the way. Colbert noticed that Beck plans to unveil his plan for "refounding" on the same exact date and location as King's "I Have A Dream Speech." This didn't sit well with Colbert, who mocked Beck, closely following the path needed for such a transformation.

Oh, and as an added bonus, Colbert seamlessly transitioned into a song from "The Lion King." Is there anything this man can't do?


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