Colbert Spoofs Romney's iPhone App Typo, The Ban On Bachelorette Parties (VIDEO)

On Wednesday night's "Colbert Report," Stephen took the time to tip his hat and wave his finger at people he thought were worthy of the honor.

First up was a gay bar in West Hollywood, Calif. that has banned bachelorette parties on the premise that if gay people can't get married at all, straight people shouldn't be able to celebrate their weddings in gay establishments. Colbert found this "taste of your own medicine" strategy a bit extreme though, and accused the bar owner of victimizing America's "drunken, horny, shrieking" bachelorettes.

Colbert heaped praise onto Mitt Romney, though, for launching his new iPhone app, "With Mitt." The app allows users to take their personal photos and apply fun, pro-Romney sayings to them and then upload them to their social media accounts. The problem? One of the designs boldly features the word "Amercia" instead of "America."

Colbert joked:

Problem? That's not a problem. That's a brilliant strategy. Now Romney can become the president of America or Amercia. He just doubled the odds. Plus, the next time China comes around to collect our debt, we can just say, 'Sorry, America moved out months ago. This is Amercia. No forwarding address.'

Check out the full clip above.