Colbert Mocks Romney & Ryan's People Magazine Interview, Dubs Them The 'Dynamish Duo' (VIDEO)

It makes sense that People Magazine would refer to Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan as "The Honeymooners" this week, but Stephen Colbert thinks he has a better nickname for the new GOP ticket: "The Dynamish Duo."

Based on what Romney and Ryan (and their wives) revealed in the exclusive interview, Colbert didn't exactly find the sparks to be flying amongst the new running mates. He did, however, pick up on the exception: when they talk about policy, they really get passionate and have deep, intellectual conversations. But only about policy.

"Right now, they're sharing their deepest, most innermost policies with one another -- and if we elect them, they may even share those policies with some of us," Colbert joked.

Watch the segment above and hear about Colbert's other favorite part of the interview: Paul Ryan's thoughts on The Enlightenment.



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