Colbert Discovers Siri Conservative: 'Like Laura Ingraham But Less Robotic' (VIDEO)

Stephen Colbert is known for loving his Apple products, so you can imagine his delight when he read this week that Siri, the iPhone's newest "personal assistant" feature, might actually be a conservative.

How so? It turns out that Siri was unable to locate an abortion clinic in Manhattan when asked, prompting some to believe she/it is pro-life.

But there's more -- Siri also has a hard time understanding foreigners. Colbert took this apparent xenophobia as proof that Siri "is clearly an arch-conservative woman."

"Like Laura Ingraham, but less robotic," Colbert joked.

After demonstrating just how far-right Siri can be, Colbert admitted that with such a strong conservative voice, maybe she should be running for President. That is, as long as she hasn't slept with Herman Cain.

Watch the full segment above (or here).