Colbert Slams Laura Ingraham For 'Obama Diaries' (VIDEO)

Colbert Slams Laura Ingraham For 'Obama Diaries' (VIDEO)

Right-wing pundit Laura Ingraham has written a new book called "The Obama Diaries," a humorous account of life as the president from Barack Obama's point of view. Talking to Stephen Colbert last night, Ingraham defended the book, but Colbert managed to lob a number of sharp critiques her way, from the quality of the writing in the book to its "hideous, hackneyed racial stereotypes."

After reading the opening of the book, written in a silly, exaggeratedly self-aggrandizing style, Colbert wondered, "What are the odds that Barack Obama's private musings would completely and perfectly match up with the narrative that the right is trying to push about him?"


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