Colbert Slams Pelosi Over Anti-Super PAC Ad, Kitten Accusation (VIDEO)

Nancy Pelosi stirred up a hornet's nest named "Colbert Nation" when she released an ad attacking Colbert for raising unlimited funds through his Super PAC. But she really crossed a line when she accused the host of not liking kittens.

Colbert addressed the controversy on Tuesday, proving once and for all that he does, indeed, love kittens

He also poured a little salt in Pelosi's wound by welcoming President Barack Obama -- who despite much saber-rattling against them now has a Super PAC backing his campaign -- over to the "green" side.

As of Wednesday, Pelosi's "Stop Colbert" Facebook page had 5,585 likes, while @ColbertSuperPac had 8,011 followers on Twitter.

It remains to be seen who will win the overall war, but our money is on money.