Colbert Super PAC Timeline: Highlights From Colbert's Campaign Against Corporate Influence (INFOGRAPHIC)

Stephen Colbert has made himself quite the fly in the ointment of the GOP primary season. More importantly, his ongoing Colbert Super PAC saga has mounted a devastating critique of campaign finance laws and corporate influence on politics, by exposing legal fundraising loopholes available to those with means.

Never content to stop at skewering politics and the media on his show, Colbert has taken his satirical voice out of the studio and into the street on numerous occasions in the past. But his current "exploratory" bid for the presidency, is clearly something he's been building up to.

Below, we have created a timeline of important moments in the formation of Colbert Super PAC, from his first attempt to run for president in 2008, to his rally with Herman Cain in South Carolina today.