Stephen Colbert Tears Apart Suzanne Venker's 'War On Men' Fox News Article (VIDEO)

WATCH: Colbert Tears Apart 'War On Men' Fox News Article

Ladies, we have a problem.

According to "How To Choose A Husband" author Suzanne Venker's recent article, "The War On Men," all that progress the gender has made over the last 50 years is causing men to lose interest in marriage. Her solution? It's time for women to "surrender to their nature" and let men pick up the slack in the workplace, because how are men supposed to provide and care for you if you're too busy achieving your goals and seeking equal pay?

Never one to miss an opportunity to weigh in on gender politics, Stephen Colbert used Wednesday night's "Colbert Report" to thoroughly mock Venker's theory. During "The Word," he especially loved Venker's idea that modern women are pushing men away by being "angry and defensive" about gender inequality.

"Women are angry and defensive. You need proof? Go up to any single women and say, 'The reason you're not married is because you're angry and defensive,'" Colbert joked.

Watch the video above for Colbert's full takedown of Venker's argument, plus his advice for the female author if she really wants to lead the charge.

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