Colbert Takes A Glance At George Will's Stance On Pants (VIDEO)

Stephen Colbert began his show last night by praising Washington Post columnist George Will, and his "rhino balls," for his column last week, which took on the culturally despondent craze of blue jeans-wearing, which is sweeping the nation. Now, at the time, it seemed to me that Will was largely inspired by Daniel Akst's Wall Street Journal column on the same topic, and he just felt that the world needed a second take on the subject, largely in the spirit of the first take, except crashing on deadline. But no! As Colbert points out, Will might have been just as inspired by an old scene from WKRP In Cincinnati, which he caught flickering on the cathode ray device one midwinter evening.

Colbert had a bunch of great suggestions for future columns, marrying Will's prescient twenty-first century sensibilities with his love of old sitcoms, including "Illegal Aliens Are Eating Our Housecats," and "America's Bad Luck Is Being Caused By A Tiki Charm It Got On Vacation In Hawaii." Obviously, the great benefit of this is that these columns will likely not lead to a situation where Fred Hiatt has to answer for Will's tendency to misrepresent other people's scientific findings. Not that Hiatt ever has!