Colbert Takes On Fox News Reaction To Obama's 'Slow Jam The News' On 'Fallon' (VIDEO)

You know that the 2012 presidential race is heating up when Stephen Colbert is willing to defend his former best friend Jimmy Fallon for hosting President Obama on his show.

On Thursday night, Colbert had some fun with Fox News' reaction to President Obama appearing on "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" to do some slow jammin' of the news. And by "had some fun," Colbert essentially let the stable of usual suspects -- Megyn Kelly, Gretchen Carlson, Bill O'Reilly -- speak for themselves, and rolled footage of the Fox News pundits bloviating about how dare the President go on a comedy show during an election year. Even though Romney appeared on Letterman, and George W. Bush had no hesitation in making fun of himself for going to war while in office.

But no, Obama is truly the culprit for appearing exceptionally charming on a show viewed by millions of young people. As Colbert noted, youth voters will be forced to face the question: "Who do I like: The guy I like, or the guy I don't like?"

Despite his ongoing quest to be late night rival Jimmy Fallon's "best friend forever for six months," Colbert's response to Obama's Fallon appearance seemed more friendly than Jon Stewart's. On Wednesday, The "Daily Show" host said that "somebody's got to be an adult" in the race, telling Obama, "Mr. President, you're the president! You dont have to do this shit anymore!"