Colbert Takes On Texas GOP's War On Critical Thinking In Schools (VIDEO)

WATCH: Colbert Mocks Texas Public Education

It's almost like the Texas GOP waited until Stephen Colbert was safely on vacation when they adopted their new platform. But "The Colbert Report" is back on the air, and Stephen wasted no time nailing them for parts of the platform, specifically with regards to public education.

Even more specifically, the state that Colbert refers to as "the large hadron collider of denying science" included language that indicated that the Texas GOP opposes "the teaching of critical thinking."

And if there's one thing that Stephen Colbert believes goes against God and nature, it's critical thinking. And he blames one man for ruining it for everyone: Galileo.

"For centuries, we had a perfectly good explanation for the order of the universe," Colbert said. "Bible says, the sun goes around the earth, making us the center of the universe. And everyone was happy. Then, numbnuts over here gets a telescope for Christmas, uses his precious critical thinking skills, and blah, blah, blah, now we have lesbians."

Ragging on Texas public schools seems to be of particular interest of Colbert as of late. He made mince meat of Don McLeroy, the proudly anti-science former chair of the Texas Board of Education, when he appeared on the show in April.

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