Colbert Hoses Summer's Eve Talking Vagina Commercials (VIDEO)

There is so much going on in this clip from Monday's "Colbert Report," we're not sure where to begin.

Summer's Eve, maker of actual douches (not the kind you dated in college), has launched a new campaign called "Hail to the V," featuring a hand as a stand-in for a talking vagina. Yes, we just wrote the words "talking vagina" and it wasn't a slam on Tucker Max. The spokesperson for a national brand is a talking vagina. So, that's point one.

Point two, there isn't just one talking vagina, there is a whole host of ethnically diverse vaginas featured in different videos. Because, lord knows, when we're speaking with a vagina hand puppet we simply can't relate unless its skin color matches ours.

Point three, Colbert is as creeped out by this whole campaign as we are. After presenting a few of the clips to a stunned audience, he then unveiled his response, featuring, you guessed it, a talking hand-puppet penis that wants to sell you d**k scrub.

There's nothing more to say; just check it out.


International viewers can watch the clip at Colbert Nation.

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