Colbert Tells Conan That Trump 'Pee Pee' Hotel Claim Is 'Believable'

The two hosts revisit Colbert's stay in the room where it supposedly went down.

Stephen Colbert visited “Conan” on Monday and, shockingly, the conversation turned to President Donald Trump.

Colbert and host Conan O’Brien talked about Colbert’s somewhat recent stay in the Russian hotel suite mentioned in an explosive dossier that claimed Trump had prostitutes perform a “golden showers” routine in his presence. The allegation remains unsubstantiated.

Colbert had featured the so-called “Pee Pee Tape” room on “The Late Show” back in July, but the two hosts were keen to discuss it further on Monday. As for what supposedly went down with Trump that night in the presidential suite, Colbert said: “I went over and looked at it and it’s totally believable. I went in completely neutral.”

Those aware of Colbert’s near-nightly takedowns of the president might take issue with at least part of the comedian’s declaration. But you can’t deny that Conan sidekick Andy Richter issued one of the better lines in the exchange: “Is there a drain in the middle of the floor?”

Watch the interview above as Conan kicked off a week at Harlem’s Apollo Theater.