Colbert Thinks Republicans 'Sucked' At Benghazi Hearings, Grilling Clinton (VIDEO)

WATCH: 'Republicans Proved Definitively That They Suck At Their Jobs'

It was the moment the country had been waiting for, according to Fox News: The country was finally going to get some answers for Benghazi from Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

But did we get the answers that would have placated House Republicans? Not really. Was it the fault of the House Republicans? According to Stephen Colbert, yeah, probably.

"You know I love you, but it was embarrassing!" Colbert said, before rolling a clip of Clinton accusing Rep. Ron Johnson of trying to turn the Benghazi murders political. Of course, the Republicans' malfeasance didn't stop Fox pundits from expressing outrage at Clinton's own outrage. As Colbert points out, those guys know a thing or two about faux anger.

Check out the clip from Thursday's "Colbert Report" above to see Colbert's full swing at the Benghazi hearings.

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