Stephen Colbert To Rex Tillerson: No-One Calls Donald Trump A Moron

The "Late Show" also "revealed" all the other things the secretary of state definitely did not call Trump.

Stephen Colbert had some harsh words for Rex Tillerson on Wednesday’s “Late Show.”

A faux outraged Colbert told the secretary of state to “hold on there” after a report earlier in the day said he’d called President Donald Trump a “moron” over the summer.

“No one calls our president a moron,” Colbert sarcastically said, before delivering the punchline — “Except me.”

“No, and other world leaders, and ultimately history,” he added, following a pause.

Tillerson later used an unscheduled press conference to push back on the report, although he didn’t totally deny using the insult.

To stay ahead of the curve, Colbert’s team revealed some of the other things Tillerson definitely did not say about Trump: