Colbert Treats Hannity Like A Prostitute (VIDEO)

Colbert Treats Hannity Like A Prostitute (VIDEO)

Last night Stephen Colbert sat down with Sean Hannity, who "joined [him] live from stuff [he] could edit together," and with some crafty splicing, proceeded to turn Hannity into an aspiring prostitute.

Colbert was determined to get Hannity's thoughts on the reports that James O'Keefe's ACORN videos had been "heavily edited" to be deceptive. Hannity had been silent on the issue, despite being a vocal supporter of O'Keefe.

Using the same misleading tactics O'Keefe employed, Colbert quickly got what he needed out of Hannity and moved along, donning a pimp's hat and coat. The "interview" was revealing, as Hannity was dying to get out on the streets and turn some tricks. The only thing holding him back: a lack of hooker boots and condoms.


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