Colbert Trolls Fox News By Offering @RealHumanPraise On Twitter, And It's Brilliant

Colbert Trolls Fox News With Amazing Twitter Prank

On last night's "Colbert Report," Stephen Colbert entered Fox News' war against technology the best way possible: With a fake Twitter account.

Upon learning that Fox News encouraged its staffers to prop up fake online accounts to anonymously combat negative stories about Fox, Colbert writer Rob Dubbin ("whose name is specifically not supposed to be in this script") started an automated Twitter account to help 'em out. The account, @RealHumanPraise, takes pullquotes from the movie review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes, and replaces the names of the movies with Fox News shows and personalities.

The result is gems such as these:

Tweets that praise Fox while being funny and using proper grammar? We didn't know such a thing was possible.

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