Colbert's 'Trump House' Segment Explains 'Americans Love Rich People' (VIDEO)

On Monday's 'Report,' Stephen Colbert dove back into the well that is the Trump presidential bid, by first criticizing Obama's tax return (the long-form one, we presume) and then moving on into a discussion of potential GOP candidates.

We love these segments that follow a week-long break because they tend to jam in every single reference from the previous week's news cycle that made our heads spin. Colbert even managed to get in a reference to Santorum, the sex act, not the former Senator.

More importantly, Colbert took aim at a fundamental inconsistency in the American point-of-view: our obsession with the wealthy as out-of-touch nut jobs, yet our distaste for having them pull their weight when it comes to taxes.

And of course, Trump's celebrated relationship with "the blacks" was mentioned.

Watch the whole segment below and then tell us what you think about Trump's prime-time presidential "bid."