Stephen Colbert Taunts Trump For ‘Getting Fired While You’re Getting Fired’

The "Late Show" host said this is a sign the president is really bad at his job.

Stephen Colbert said President Donald Trump’s second impeachment is for “inciting violence against the government of the United States” during last week’s insurrection by the president’s supporters.

“That is a pure dereliction of duty,” Colbert said. “That’s like your doctor yanking out your IV or a lifeguard drowning your grandpa or the host of your book club failing to buy box wine.”

Colbert pointed out that the vote to impeach the president again happened just one week before he leaves office after being defeated in the 2020 election by President-elect Joe Biden.

“Do you know how bad of a job you have to be doing to get fired while you’re getting fired?” Colbert asked, then mimicked just such a firing: “I’m sorry, Mark, it’s just not working out. We appreciate everything you’ve done for the company, and... you’re building a gallows to hang me? OK, there goes your severance, buddy!”

Check out the full monologue below:

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