Stephen Colbert Proposes Christine O'Donnell Witch Test (VIDEO)

Last night on "The Colbert Report," Stephen Colbert continued to defend Republican senate nominee Christine O'Donnell, despite the resurface of "Politically Incorrect" footage where she claims to have "dabbled into witchcraft" before.

Like many of O'Donnell's supporters, Colbert didn't really see the big deal, writing her off as "Bielsa-curious," and suggesting that liberals like Bill Maher stop "unfairly smearing her with words she said."

But Colbert also proposed a solution to end the witch hunt: Come on his show and let him administer a proper "witch test." Unfortunately, this would involve binding O'Donnell's arms and legs and throwing her into a river.

"If she sinks to the bottom of the river and drowns," Colbert said, "her bloated corpse can march to victory with a clean record!"