Colbert's Advice To The GOP: Make Superficial Changes To Your Image Without Altering Anything Inside (VIDEO)

In the last election the GOP lost seven governorships, both houses of Congress and the White House. It's pretty clear they need to take a hard look at their core values and leadership, right? WRONG. "The GOP needs to make painful, soul-searching, superficial changes to their image without altering anything inside," according to Stephen Colbert. Something tells us Michael "Off The Hook" Steele would agree.

Last night, Colbert gave the GOP a plethora of valuable advice on strategies that are sure to win over the American public like changing their name to Twitter, or making their logo the cockroach instead of the elephant. Frankly, none of these suggestions sound any more ludicrous than letting Joe the Plumber speak for you.

Note: this segment comes with a cute little dance.


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