Colbert's Environmental Montage (VIDEO)

To continue staving off withdrawal symptoms as The Colbert Report's second week on vacation continues, ColbertNation.com was kind enough to put together a variety of video montages highlighting one of Colbert's most eloquently-covered topics: the environment.

This video is ripe with classic Colbert humor, from when he says, "Real Americans don't give two shakes of an aerosol can about the environment, as long as we can get in our Hummers, put our Styrofoam cups in our ivory cup holders, and drive to Wal-Mart to buy our disposable diapers," to, ""Researchers recently predicted that the Arctic ice cap will melt within 10 years -- sadly, one-hundred years too late to save the Titanic."

Take a trip down memory lane as Stephen mocks the irony of USA Today's bonus Earth Day pullout, waterboards a plant, spends time with Sylvia Earle and Al Gore, and provides his astute commentary on the Cape Wind Farm: "What if it breaks and we have a catastrophic wind spill?"

Check out the video below for your Colbert fix, and remember, "Only you can prevent forest fires -- by getting rid of forests."

WATCH Colbert's environmental montage: