Colbert's Fake Kellyanne Conway Interview Is Just As Productive As A Real One

"No information that was meaningful and helpful was gained from this."

It’d be an alternative fact to say people are satisfied with Kellyanne Conway interviews.

During a CNN appearance on Monday, the White House counselor defended Donald Trump Jr.’s meeting with a lawyer linked to the Russian government by saying none of the information provided had been “meaningful.” Conway also tried to change the topic by telling host Chris Cuomo, “You want to talk about Russia. I want to talk about America.”

Now, Stephen Colbert has taken a crack at the White House counselor by recutting the CNN footage into his own, albeit fake, interview.

“Why is a contact from Miss Universe setting up campaign meetings?” Colbert says, replying to an actual response from Conway, in which she stated Trump Jr. agreed to the meeting because of someone involved in the Miss Universe pageant. “Did Trump think there was a swimsuit component to the debates? Speaking of which, how do you think the president would look in a bathing suit?”

“Unusual,” responds Conway in the doctored footage.

“Oh, yes,” agrees Colbert.

Colbert sums up the interview with a statement from Conway that could easily describe her other interviews, too: “No information that was meaningful and helpful was gained from this.”



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