Colbert's Science Catfight (VIDEO): 'Isn't Climate Just Made Up Of Thousands Of Little Weathers?'

Stephen Colbert entered the recent debate raging between climate scientists and meteorologists on climate change on Tuesday's show. Why does he care?

"Because I like debate, and I love rage," Colbert said. Which can only mean one thing...

Science catfight!

Colbert pits Joe Bastardi, chief Accuweather forecaster, against Brenda Ekwurzel, a climatologist at the Union of Concerned Scientists. As always, Colbert uses logic to introduce the issue.

"Consider this," Stephen Colbert posed. "On February 6 it was 10 degrees. Today it hit almost 80. At this rate, by August it will be 220 degrees."

After a lengthy (hilarious) introduction to the tensions between climatologists and meteorologists, he proceeds to talk circles around Bastardi and Ekwurzel.

"What's the difference between climate and weather?" Colbert asks. "Is not climate just made up of thousands of little weathers?"

Things get a little hotter when Colbert brings up the possibility of a Lincoln-Douglas style debate-- naturally, this means making a slavery-climate connection.

"Why do you want to keep the glaciers chained to the North Pole when Joe and I want to free them into the North Atlantic?" Colbert asks Ekwurzel.

WATCH the science catfight:

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Science Catfight - Joe Bastardi vs. Brenda Ekwurzel
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