Colby Burnett Wins 'Jeopardy!': Chicago-Area Teacher Takes Top Prize In Tournament Of Champions

Teacher Blows Tournament Champs Away In 'Jeopardy!'

Just months after handily winning the "Jeopardy!" Teacher's Tournament, Chicagoan Colby Burnett swept the gameshow's Tournament of Champions Tuesday.

The AP World History teacher at Fenwick High School in Oak Park (of which Burnett is also an alumnus) won the $250,000 grand prize Tuesday after building a roughly $17,000 lead on his nearest opponent in Monday's round, reports Oak Park Patch.

After winning the Teacher's Tournament in November, Burnett had said he would use his winnings to buy his mother a home to move her out of Chicago's Austin neighborhood where he grew up.

Burnett had revealed that his mother worked multiple jobs when he was growing up so that he could attend the prestigious high school; the Sun-Times noted Burnett said his mom's dedication to her son's education "also helped keep him from racking up 'horrendous debt' at Northwestern University."

Burnett, who had been called cocky by various Internet detractors, brushed off the criticism (particularly of his expressive facial reactions when he nailed a correct answer). The teacher told "Jeopardy!" producers he has thick skin thanks to his work with high schoolers.

After Monday's win, in which he was the only contestant to correctly answer the Final Jeopardy question, sports blog Deadspin equated Burnett's celebratory gesture with that of pro wrestling star D-Generation X's "suck it" move (but watch the video to judge for yourself.)

Though the champ is some $350,000 richer, Burnett told "Jeopardy!" he has no plans to retire or change his lifestyle.

"I'm going to keep doing what im doing; my mom gets her house, I go back to my job that I love."

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