Cold Cream And Its Many Uses: 7 Readers Tell Us How They Use The Beauty Staple (PHOTOS)

Cold Cream For Shaving? (And 6 Other Unusual Uses)

When I gave my Grandmother Annie Ruth's Noxzema beauty regimen a try for seven days straight, I wasn't expecting my skin to feel smoother and look brighter so immediately. The noticeable results have convinced me to make the classic cold cream a part of my evening routine. But what was even more shocking was how many of you lovely readers wrote in about your and your loved ones' reliance on the beauty staple for all kinds of unconventional rituals.

From wearing it under foundation to applying it on your lips, click through the slideshow below for the tried-and-true ways our readers use cold cream.

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As A Foundation To Foundation

7 Unusual Ways To Use Cold Cream

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