Cold Hummus Is A Crime No One Should Commit

Give hummus its due respect.

Hummus is basically the best food on the planet. We are endlessly thanking the mighty chickpea for giving us this awesome spread. We find any excuse we can to eat it by the bucketload -- on pita bread, with carrots sticks ... we may have once used our bare fingers when we ran out of everything else. We even use our health as a reason to eat more hummus.

If you feel the same way about this dip, you should know: there's a right and a wrong way to eat hummus. And if you're eating it cold, you are doing it all wrong.

We know that this might be confusing to some since you buy hummus in the refrigerated section of the grocery store. But listen up: Freshly made hummus is never cold, not ever. It's usually room temperature -- and sometimes even served hot. In the Middle Eastern countries that gave us hummus, that's the way it's eaten. And we owe it to hummus to eat it right. Plus, cold hummus is just gross, and here's why:

Cold hummus embodies the taste of nothingness.
Flickr: i5a
This is a sad, sad flavor. The refrigeration masks the rich flavors of the chickpea. Let it come to room temperature before you delve in -- you'll see what you've been missing.
It's stiff and fights against pita bread.
Flickr: Breanna Schulze
The two are supposed to get along -- something is wrong here.
That's why pita is scared of cold hummus.
Flickr: Melissa
It's trying its darndest to not fall in. ("IT'S TOO COLD!" the pita wedges are screaming.)
Eating cold hummus is like eating hot avocado -- it's just wrong.
Flickr: Garik Asplund
We've been over this people.
Cold hummus is a result of mass production -- and not an indication of how it's supposed to be eaten.
Flickr: Jason Tester Guerrilla Futures
We like the easy access to hummus too, but freshly-made hummus is so much better than this. And, it's not cold. (Also hummus is really easy to make so YOU HAVE NO EXCUSE.)
Palestinians, Jordanians and Israelis -- the people who we have to thank for hummus -- eat it HOT.
Flickr: Uncornered Market
Eating cold hummus is a sign of disrespect to yourself and the hummus eating population as a whole.
Flickr: Rachel Whittemore
We might be exaggerating here a little, but it's bad. Don't do it.
Especially because hummus that isn't cold is SO GOOD.
Flickr: Ranjani
It doesn't have to be hot, room temperature will do. It just can't be cold. DON'T LET IT BE COLD.

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