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Infection Protection: 10 Fun Ways to Boost Immunity

We understand that colds and flu are caused by viruses -- but we're still no closer to a cure. The only defense is a good offense. But who says it has to be a drag?
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Several million years ago, it is hypothesized, the first Stone Age human caught the first cold. Ever since then, doctors, nurses, herbalists, shaman and healers of every sort have been confounded by colds and flu. Over the years, these devilish pathogens have been treated with cold baths, wet feet, chili peppers, tobacco, and the application of blood-sucking leeches.

Now we understand that colds and flu are caused by viruses -- but we're still no closer to a cure. The only defense is a good offense. But who says it has to be a drag?

Besides eating right, washing your hands regularly and getting enough sleep, you can maximize your pathogen-fighting potential with a handful of entertaining activities.

Fun Ways To Boost Immunity

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