Cold War Bomb Shelter Discovered At Placer High School (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Workers at Northern California's Placer High School in Auburn found quite a surprise during a remodeling project: a fully stocked Cold War bomb shelter.

According to the Auburn Journal, the shelter was discovered by volunteers working to repaint the school's weight-lifting room. A small locked screen door had concealed the room, presumably for 60 years.


Inside, volunteers found canisters of food, water, medical supplies and toiletries, all stamped with the "CD" civil defense emblem. The room was so well preserved that the emergency water ration was still clear and allegedly drinkable.

"This is how it was found," said a school representative to MSN. "Nothing's been touched."

The room was designed to be a shelter in case of a nuclear attack during the height of the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Former students commented on the post in the Auburn Journal.

"I remember that locked screen door," wrote one commenter. "It's interesting that nobody up to this point was curious to check out what was behind it. Great find."

"It was always rumored that there was a bomb shelter at the high school," said painter Doug Randall. "Now it sets rumor to fact."

Auburn is already a rich historical site for California, as it was ground zero for the 1849 Gold Rush. Now, the city can add one more nugget to its roster.

Check out photos of the Placer High School Cold War bomb shelter, courtesy of the Auburn Journal, in our slideshow below. Then, watch CBS's video above about the discovery:

Placer High School Cold War Bomb Shelter