The Best Products To Use When It Gets Cold Outside

From heated mattress pads to moisturizers and humidifiers, these items will help you transition to fall and winter.
Feel better about the weather change with this versatile array of products like dry skin salves, space heaters and portable humidifiers.
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Feel better about the weather change with this versatile array of products like dry skin salves, space heaters and portable humidifiers.

Leaving behind the sunshine and carefree vibes of the summer months can be difficult for a lot of people, mentally and physically. The colder weather can mean dry skin, achy joints, incessant hair frizz and the winter blues.

Fortunately, there are ways you can fight back ― namely, this extensive arsenal of highly-reviewed products that can help your mind and body adapt to fall and winter. Get prepared and shop some of these essentials before you realize that you need them.

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One moisturizer to rule them all
Wind burn, sensitive skin, dry air and cold weather are absolutely no match for this intense hydrating repair cream by First Aid Beauty. The rich and fast-absorbing formula targets everything from redness to fine lines. Colloidal oatmeal and shea butter act as an effective skin barrier that can also help relieve eczema symptoms and deliver essential minerals and fatty acids to the skin. It's gentle enough to use on your body and your face.

Get it at Sephora for $36.
A portable heater to keep you warm anywhere you can find an electric socket
Portable heaters can be a great money-saving tool when you want warmth but not enough to heat up a whole house. This quiet ceramic electric space heater even has a built-in thermostat that will turn the heater on or off to keep the room at your desired temperature. The safety system also ensures the heater will automatically turn off if it tips over or is reaching a hazardous level of heat.

Get it at Amazon for $33.99.
A spray to prevent every piece of clothing from clinging to you
Sometimes electricity is good, like when you want to charge your phone or turn on a light. But not when sweaters, shirts and coats have been rubbing against each other all day and then stick to you like glue. This residue-free spray from Sprayway can be safely used on all fabrics and even on electronics to reduce static shock and cling.

Get it at Amazon for $13.77.
A light therapy lamp to help fight off the blues
If you're at all familiar with the very real side effects of seasonal depression, you might have heard about the potentially therapeutic wonders of SAD lights and bright boxes used during the darker winter months. The Lux Boxelite from Northern Light Technologies offers full spectrum and filtered UV-free light (in other words, don't worry about sun damage) that mimics the natural light of the sun. With 10,000 watts of power, you can sit further away from the light and for less time. It's basically like portable sunshine.

Get it at Amazon for $181.24.
An all-in-one balm that harnesses the power of lanolin
Are chapped lips, flaky patches and cracked skin pretty much all you think of when someone even whispers the word "winter?" The 101 Ointment by Lanolips is an all-purpose salve that can be used virtually anywhere. It can even be mixed with foundation or applied like a highlighter for a hydrating dewy makeup look. If you don't know anything about lanolin, it's a non-pore-clogging emollient that's rich in vitamin D, which can rapidly help repair skin and destroy free radicals responsible for premature aging.

Get it at Ulta for $27.
Lip gloss, but for your hair
It's not just your skin that can fall victim to the effects of colder weather. Your hair can become dull, brittle and extra frizzy as well. Dae formulated an oil specifically for hair to give your locks some semblance of dignity in the cold. The prickly pear and moringa leaf extract in this formula supports healthy keratin production in the hair and provides antioxidant benefits.

Get it at Sephora for $36.
Perfectly pleasant air you can enjoy anywhere
When a full-size humidifier is just too clunky, this cool mist humidifier by Raydrop can be your ultimate go-to. Users love the quiet operation; you can place this right on your desk or nightstand for a constant flow of comfortable humidity without ever knowing it's there. The smart indication system allows you to control the humidity level and will noiselessly let you know when it's time to refill.

Get it from Amazon for $27.99.
Static-free protection for your hair
If you've ever removed your hood or hat and watched your hair start to levitate like it's been embodied by ghost, then this anti-static spray by R+Co might be for you. Foil frizz and static control contains vitamin E for protective antioxidant properties along with argan oil to deliver moisture and seal hair against the effects of environmental stressors.

Get it at Amazon for $29.
The ultimate answer to dry winter air
You may not be able to change the air outside, but you can certainly make the air inside your home much more comfortable. The Honovos large room humidifier employs a constant flow of ultra fine mist to increase the humidity of even your largest room. The large tank capacity means less time spent on refilling, and the built-in ceramic filter means no money spent on replacement filters. You can even drop some essential oils in the designated tray for daily aromatherapy. Your plants, babies, dry skin and nose will thank you.

Get it at Amazon for $129.99.
A mattress pad that will make you want to stay in bed
Say sayonara to achy joints and feet that just can't stay warm. The Electrowarmth heated mattress pad slips over your mattress to provide 10 different heat settings and a switch-off safety feature so you don't have to worry about burning your house down. Imperceptible heat coils are strategically placed from the shoulders to the feet to provide soothing relief and a comfortable sleep. Available in all mattress sizes.

Get it at Amazon for starting at $121.
A cover to make wet shoes and socks a thing of the past
Don’t get caught in a torrential downpour without these protective shoe covers. Made from durable and waterproof PVC material, these zip-closure shoe covers are built to trek over any terrain, whether slick city streets or muddy trails. There's a non-slip bottom so you can save yourself the embarrassment of wiping out on a rainy day!

Get them at Amazon for $12.99.

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