Coleen Otero is your Ambitious Beauty Expert

Coleen Otero is your Ambitious Beauty Expert
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The Audacity of an Ambitious Woman
The Audacity of an Ambitious Woman

Recently I’ve been led to share my perspective on “ The Audacity of an Ambitious Woman”. There are many misconceptions that women who are on a pursuit of purpose are really on a power trip. This is furthest from the truth. In order to shine a light on phenomenal woman who are breaking barriers by leaving a blazing trail on the paths less traveled; I will be featuring powerful female entrepreneurs to share their stories, success and the struggles they endured to make it all possible.

Meet Coleen Otero, Celebrity Hair and Makeup Artist, Branding Strategist, Mentor, Motivational Speaker, Author, Entrepreneur, wife, and mom to 5 children, Coleen Otero is the definition of doing it all with STYLE! Born in Jamaica, raised in Brooklyn, NY, and current resident of Orlando, FL for more than 18 years, Coleen Otero is a fashionista at heart. With over 20 years of experience in the beauty industry, Coleen has dedicated her life to not only helping individuals to look beautiful on the outside, but feel beautiful on the inside.

Whether working out of a luxury salon, on set, or speaking on stage Coleen Otero openly shares her lessons learned as a entrepreneur, mom, wife, and woman of faith. Her life’s passion is to assist her clients in looking and feeling their best! From leading several women networks like CEO Chicks to branding seminars and workshops; let’s not forget her fun and fabulous product line... her resume speaks for itself! This beauty expert’s work and products have been featured on networks like Bravo, BET, NBC, CBS and more. Her VIP Clientele is filled with community leaders, CEO’s, entertainers like Sherri Shephard from the View, Sisaundra Lewis from the Voice, Myesha Chaney from Preachers of LA and Junice Rockman from Relationship Rescue and Bravo’s Thicker Than Water.

I had the chance to interview Coleen and I was inspired by her story of perseverance, passion and determination. One profound nugget she dropped during our conversation was, “ If you delegate your dreams I guarantee you will end up living a nightmare, you have to do the work.” That was so powerful because too often we want microwave success but there is a tremendous amount of work and effort required. She went on to say, “You have to be the pioneer of your own frontier!”

Coleen is passionate about creating an environment for women to connect, create, collaborate and support one another as they journey to their next level in life and business. Coleen understands that although we must take the lead in our dreams, we need a strong support system to reach our goals. Her company will be hosting a live event CEO Chicks Dominate in the Orlando area on August 7th to bring female entrepreneurs together to connect in order to make a greater impact in their businesses.

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