Coleslaw Recipes: The Best Ways To Enjoy Summer Cabbage

14 Summer Slaws That'll Make You Like Cabbage

Cabbage doesn't get its due respect -- most people just think of it as an odiferous vegetable that always gets cooked down until unrecognizable, but cabbage can be better than that. Slaws are one of the best ways to enjoy cabbage, because the cabbage keeps its texture and flavor -- plus it never gets smelly because it's never heated up, which is what makes cabbage emit gasses. The great thing about slaws is that they can be made in advance, which only makes them taste better as they marinade with dressing or vinaigrette.

Summer is the perfect time to enjoy cabbage raw -- a slaw makes the best side dish for hamburgers, hot dogs, steaks and any number of grilled foods. If you're really experimental you can even put that slaw on top of things like hot dogs, barbecued sandwiches, tacos and more. See all the ways you can make and use slaws in the slideshow below.

Homemade Coleslaw

Cabbage Slaw Recipes

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