What's The Deal With Colin Kaepernick?

The racial tensions confronting us are painfully puzzling and deeply disturbing. The deterioration of civil discourse across our country is alarming.

What then are we to do? Hide behind platitudes? Lash out in anger? Succumb to our fear?

These are what we witness far too often.

But there is another way. It's not sexy. It might not draw large crowds. And it can be very difficult.

We can listen. We can try to understand the world views of those who might seem "different" from us. We can take time to hear and appreciate their pain and their despair, their hopes and their dreams.

In the following short video, another pastor and I strive to move in that direction.

Terrell is Baptist, lives in the Midwest and formerly served as a policeman in a large city. He is African American.

I am Presbyterian, live in the northeast, and have served churches for nearly thirty years on the east coast. I am Caucasian.

There is no script. We have no history having only recently met. But we do share a desire to listen.

We begin with Colin Kaepernick.