Colin Kaepernick Receives Death Threats; Better Not Expect The Police To Protect Him

Colin "Punk" Kaepernick told reporters that he has received death threats for refusing to stand for the national anthem and making his views known. The 49er's second string quarterback said the threats have come via social media and other avenues. Kaepernick's protest is over black oppression, and he has also been seen wearing socks with pigs on them in an attempt to decry our nation's police officers.

While I believe strongly in freedom of speech, I completely disagree with the way Kaepernick is going about his protest. He's entitled to make his point and protest whatever he wants, but disrespecting what America stands for is not the way you do it. It shows a pure lack of gratitude to a capitalistic system that gave him everything he has. He's a punk who got rich in a country under the protection of the military and the police. If it wasn't for them, he would not have the freedom, opportunity or money he has.

Of course, threatening him with death threats is no laughing matter and is indeed uncalled for. But let's say one of these threats turns out to actually be credible. What if someone was actually crazy enough to go after him? Does he expect the police to come running to the rescue?

I can't think of many other professions where someone would come to the aid of their enemy. But if Colin Kaepernick dialed 911 in an emergency, guess what? The police would be there. They would put their emotions off to the side and come and rescue the punk. They would do their job and do it well, even if it meant helping someone who has publicly shamed them. That's mental toughness.

In this day and age, our police officers have a bad reputation and it's uncalled for. Am I suggesting that there are no bad cops? No. A tiny fraction of any profession has liars, cheaters and thieves. But to publicly and purposely disrespect cops, 99.9% of which are honest, hardworking, everyday heroes, is a disgrace that should not be tolerated. Kaepernick is no Rosa Parks or Martin Luther King, both of whom risked their lives for social change. Kaepernick is just a 28-year-old punk with a $114 million-dollar contract to throw a football that's using his fame and fortune to desecrate the reputation of police officers.

Our police officers put their lives on the line every single day. They go to work not knowing if they are going to come home. Police officers don't become police officers for the money. The average police officer earns about $58,000 per year according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. They become police officers because they believe in serving, protecting, helping people and keeping us safe.

It's sad and scary to think Kaepernick is getting death threats. But maybe it will send a message to him. Maybe it will be a wake-up call to him. Maybe it will tell him it's time to grow up and put an end to this misguided protest.

I hope Americans will see through Kaepernick's little game and start standing up for cops. More importantly, I hope our high school coaches and administrators will do the same and teach our kids to give our police officers the respect and admiration they deserve. The first amendment may ensure our freedom of speech, but it doesn't mean we should use it as a weapon to hurt people. Especially the ones who risk and sometimes sacrifice their lives to make sure we can live ours to the fullest.