Colin McQuistan Of 'My Foodee Blog' Eats Grass, Cat Food, Toothpaste (PHOTOS)

But WHY?

Sick of pretentious food blogs? So is Colin McQuistan, the fellow behind My Foodee Blog. But instead of poking fun at all those folks writing about amazing home-cooked dinners or high-end restaurant meals, My Foodee goes in a different direction. McQuistan writes about cooking with all sorts of bizarre ingredients like grass and toothpaste (yes, really).

As one can imagine, these experiments often lead to less than pleasant results. A sampling:

Cat Food
My Foodee
"1% edible. This is a very challenging dish to eat. There are nice enough flavours from the spices, vegetables and sauces but the cat food lends a weird flavour and horrid texture to the dish." Read the whole post here.
"I’m going to have to mask that strange Plasticine flavour and after some thought figure I should pretend I am making something like deep fried squid." Read the whole post here.
"I don’t think I like SPAM; it’s really salty and has quite a nasty aftertaste which could be said to be a bit like the souls of long dead pigs which have obviously died for a pointless cause." Read the whole post here.
"It. Is. HORRIBLE. The combination of wasabe [sic] peas and pasta and, well, everything else, is just bad. Really bad. The grass, because it has been blended, now tastes super grassy and adds to the overall horribleness. But the very worse comes when I realise I AM EATING GRASS! FROM GLASGOW GREEEN! WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME!!" Read the whole post here.
"But what to do? After the utter horror story that was the cat food episode, I figured I wanted something I really enjoy making: creme brulee! I reckon I can make a nice, fresh, minty version of this French classic." Read the whole post here.

[h/t Jezebel]