Colin Powell: The GOP Race Has 'Gone Into The Mud'

"You know you're in trouble when Jerry Springer even thinks it’s over the top," said the former secretary of state.

Former Secretary of State Colin Powell criticized the state of the Republican presidential primary in an interview Monday, warning the candidates to avoid making the contest a "reality show."

In an interview with CBS' "This Morning," Powell, who served as secretary of state under former President George W. Bush, said he's run into criticism of the Republican race during his travels overseas.

"I think the campaign has gone into the mud," he said. "The comments that they're making toward each other, the nastiness, it's running us into the ground. The foreigners of the world, looking at this, are distressed."

Powell, who also served in former President Ronald Reagan's administration, said he hoped the mourning period following the death of former first lady Nancy Reagan would bring some civility to the GOP race. 

"This nastiness, they really have to stop it," he said.

“Let's not make this a reality show," Powell continued. "You know you're in trouble when Jerry Springer even thinks it’s over the top." 

While Powell is a Republican, he endorsed President Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012. Powell declined to back anyone during Monday's interview, but did say his party affiliation would not be the determining factor when he does decide.

"I always vote for the person who I think is best for America at that time," he said.



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