Colin Powell: Secretary Of Education?

Colin Powell: Secretary Of Education?

Update - 11/6: MSNBC reported: "One person who will not be serving in an Obama administration: Colin Powell, who said he has not been approached by the transition team. He says he wants a new generation of leaders to step up and serve."

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Colin Powell has been mentioned as a potential member of Barack Obama's cabinet, both for Secretary of Defense and Secretary of Education.

In his endorsement of Obama, Powell called for a greater focus on education.

"I think the American people and the gentlemen running for president will have to, early on, focus on education more than we have seen in the campaign so far. America has a terrible educational problem in the sense that we have too many youngsters not finishing school. A third of our kids don't finish high school, 50 percent of minorities don't finish high school. We've got to work on this, and my, my wife and I are leading a campaign with this purpose."

Powell is a founder of America's Promise Alliance, a coalition of businesses, educators, and others working to improve the health and well-being of children.

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