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Colin Powell's GOP Racism Critique Slammed As 'Preposterous' By Economist Ben Stein (VIDEO)

After former Secretary of State Colin Powell delivered some harsh words towards the GOP, saying that some parts of the party have a "deep vein of intolerance," conservatives were not too happy.

Economist and television personality, Ben Stein also weighed in on the controversy, calling Powell's criticism 'preposterous' during an appearance on CNN.

“I don’t believe it,” Stein said. “I mean the Republicans have many more African-Americans in the Cabinet at this point than [President Barack Obama], or several more, than Obama does. They’ve been trying desperately to reach out to minorities.”

He went on to say that, despite its past, the party is actively looking to attract a different kind of voter.

“I think at one point they were looking for the racist vote, that was a very, very long time ago. They’re fully committed to being a multi-ethnic, open party, and to call them otherwise is just preposterous.”

Stein's critique of Obama's cabinet diversity isn't a new one. In fact, the president recently responded to growing scrutiny over the number of women and minorities in his inner circle.

"I'm very proud that in the first four years, we had as diverse, if not a more diverse, White House and a Cabinet than any in history," Obama said. "I intended to continue that, because it turns out when you look for the very best people, given the incredible diversity of this country, you're going to end up with a diverse staff."

As for Powell, thus far, he has stood by the comments he made on Sunday, leaving no room for misinterpretation.

"What do I mean by that?," he explained. "What I mean by that is they still sort of look down on minorities."

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