'Collect The Reasons' Site Reminds Us Of How Wonderful Life Can Be

A powerful website is reminding us of the wonder, love and beauty that exists in the world at all times.

As its name suggests, "Collect the Reasons" -- the brainchild of AGW, a Latvian digital agency -- seeks to gather the many, many reasons that make life worth living: whether that's seeking adventure or sharing special moments with those you love, eating a great meal or watching the sun rise.

" is a site where we remember some of the reasons why we are here -- on this beautiful planet," the website reads. "Maybe it will help someone who had a tough day, or maybe make someone smile or laugh."

Here are a handful of the entries, posted from people all over the globe:

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Andris Gangis, a spokesman for AGW, told The Huffington Post that though "Collect the Reasons" was launched a year ago, the site really took off a few days ago after it was discovered by users on Reddit.

"In the last 3 days, the site has been visited about 20,000 times," Gangis said in an email Tuesday, adding that he's been "thrilled" by all the attention. "Hopefully we will get more people to write good, inspiring reasons and make world a bit happier."

Though it wasn't originally conceived as a suicide prevention campaign, "Collect the Reasons" has been lauded for championing life and for giving hope to those who may need it.

"As anyone who’s read YouTube comments knows, online anonymity often facilitates humanity at its worst. But the silver lining is that it lets us speak honestly about the skeletons in our closets. And even when our names aren’t attached to what we say, we feel less alone," the Daily Dot wrote about the website.

To add your reason to the growing list, go to "Collect The Reasons" here.

Need help? In the U.S., call 1-800-273-8255 for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.



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