College In 2005 Was Very Different Than College Today

May 9, 2014 marks the 9th birthday of The Huffington Post. In honor of the mini-milestone, we took a look back at how going to college has changed since 2005.

This was your laptop. MacBook Pros wouldn't be released for another year. 2005 laptop

This is how you caught up on the news ... newspapers. Twitter didn't exist yet. Neither did Tumblr. college newspaper

College was way cheaper.

So were textbooks. college textbooks prices

Take a look at your cell phone. We still needed to use a T9, there was no music, no apps and the camera didn't count as a camera. cell phone 2005 samsung

You had no clue who these people were. kim kardashian 2005

This was how you got new music. But then the RIAA would randomly try to use your college to track down users and fine them. limewire

Beyoncé had recently split from Destiny's Child (which was heartbreaking) and had only released one solo album. dangerously in love

Fall Out Boy had just gone mainstream. My Chemical Romance was in. It was a prime pop punk-emo era, before being a hipster was really a thing. fall out boy 2005

"Total Request Live" was still on. So between classes you had a chance of catching 45 seconds of 10 music videos, the only time MTV actually played music. trl studios

"Family Guy" aired new episodes in 2005 for the first time in two years. It was canceled in 2001, but brought back to life in 2004 after regaining popularity through DVD sales and Adult Swim. family guy

Pluto was still a planet. pluto

Check out your Facebook page. Your parents and younger siblings wouldn't be on your Facebook newsfeed since it was only for college students. And even then, in 2005, most of your friends probably weren't using it yet either. original facebook The site even still asked if you were looking for a relationship!