What Your College Application Says vs. What You Really Mean

It's universal knowledge that filling out college applications can be a stressful experience. Even though you're proud of your accomplishments, you may still feel the pressure to outdo every other applicant, whether by exaggerating your extracurriculars or pretending that you actually enjoyed chemistry class. Invariably, you'll probably find yourself B.S.-ing -- at least a little bit.

Here's what everyone writes on their college applications versus what they really mean.

What You Write: "I'm excited to throw myself into extracurriculars INSERT Of COLLEGE has to offer."

What You Mean: "My guidance counselor said that given my SAT scores and grades I have a decent chance of getting in. Also, I hear you guys have a pretty good party scene."

What You Write: "I was a committed, competitive member of the cross country team."

What You Mean: "Do you even appreciate what I endured to appear well-rounded?"

What You Write: "My work as treasurer of Key Club taught me a lot about managing finances."

What You Mean: "I oversaw our bake sales. And yeah, it made me feel kind of powerful."

What You Write: "I am eager to explore a new state/city/region of the country."


What You Write: "I'm looking for a school with a community where I'll really belong."

What You Mean: "All these kids at school be #basic as hell."

What You Write: "I am an enthusiastic student and have a lot to contribute to classroom discussions."

What You Mean: "These contributions may or may not come via Snapchat."

What You Write: "I dedicate approximately four hours per week to cultivating my passion for the piano."

What You Mean: "Yeah, four hours per week, if you, like, round up, approximate, carry the one... what's the time, anyway?"

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What You Write: "I think I would make a great asset to INSERT COLLEGE NAME'S student community."

What You Mean: "PLEASE accept me. I'm a really good person, promise."

At the end of the day, it's hard to feel authentic when you're trying to sound as impressive as possible. Maybe in the future, colleges will just let us submit our Twitter feeds.

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