College Slang: Floorcest, FOMO, Keg Stand And More

College students studying together on campus ground
College students studying together on campus ground

By Kelsey Mulvey

If the newfound freedom isn’t enough to make your head spin, you'll soon discover that it’s like college students speak a different language. In a way, they sort of do. While every school has specific terms and acronyms, you need to know the universal basics before you step on campus. Though our first edition gave you tons of must-know slang, it’s time for an update. After all, college-ese changes quicker than fashion trends.


Academic Probation: A warning students receive when they’re not maintaining a certain GPA and, sometimes, not taking enough credits per semester. Don’t take this status lightly (not like you would): Academic probation can affect your involvement in extracurriculars and Greek life. To avoid academic probation, ask your college advisor for more information. Ex: I wanted to rush but I’m on academic probation.


Barstool Blackout Tour: A nationwide party that college students love. Many venues host these huge parties for college students that usually occur during the spring. Though you have to pay, and aren’t allowed to drink unless you’re 21+, Barstool Blackout is notorious for setting the stage for tons of crazy morning-after stories. Ex: I’m a little afraid to go out after Barstool Blackout last weekend.

B&R: An acronym that stands for “boot and rally.” Sometimes, pre-gaming feels more like gaming. Instead of missing out on the party, some college students get it out of their system –- for lack of a better term –- and then head to the party. Ex: She was in the bathroom for a while. Maybe she had a case of B&R?


Core Curriculum: A fancy term for general education requirements. Ex: I just want to be done with my core curriculum so I can focus on my major.


Dean’s List: College’s version of the honor roll. If you maintain a certain GPA both semesters, you’ve made the Dean’s List! Before starting classes, check your school’s requirements for the Dean’s List. The perfect way to motivate yourself after a work-free summer, right? Ex: My parents took me out for dinner because they’re so happy that I made the Dean’s List.

D-Hall: A shortened version for dining hall. Although this may seem like a given, a lot of collegiettes refer to their D-Hall by its formal name. Ex: I’m starving... D-Hall in 15?

Discussion: A smaller class that is taken with a large lecture. Let’s be honest, who’s going to raise their hand and ask a question in a huge lecture hall? Exactly. Led by a TA, a discussion gives you the opportunity to further your understanding of the curriculum. Since it’s a smaller group, you’ll usually talk about readings and that week’s lecture. Some schools call discussions “recitations.” Ex: I wasn’t able to read the chapter in time for lecture, but we won’t talk about it until discussion so I’m safe for now.

DTR: An acronym that stands for “define the relationship.” Soon enough, you’ll realize that college relationships are complicated. Are you in a relationship or is it a casual hook-up situation? This acronym is a discreet way to address an awkward dilemma. Ex: I really like him, but does he want a relationship? It’s time to DTR.

Dues: A certain amount you need to pay when joining a club. In order to have fun events, many extracurricular clubs and sororities will charge their members an initial membership fee. Ex: I was skeptical about paying dues at first, but it’s totally worth it!


Floorcest: A romantic (or lust-driven) relationship with someone from your residence hall’s floor. Similar to dormcest, but more specific. Ex: I wonder if our RA knows about all the floorcest this semester.

Foam Party: A theme party that involves ton of suds! “It’s exactly what it sounds like -- a room full of bubbles with lots of half-naked people,” says Michelle Lewis, a senior at UNC Chapel Hill. Ex: “Is it raining outside?” “Nope, I just came back from a foam party.”

FOMO: An acronym for “fear of missing out.” Don’t panic, college students: FOMO is very common. Since something’s always happening in college, you may find yourself feeling out of the loop. Thankfully, there are ways to combat this. Ex: I have a midterm on Monday, but I want to go out tonight… a classic case of FOMO.

Freshman 15: A term that refers to gaining weight your freshman year of college. Between the late night munchies and endless partying, it’s rather common to gain a few pounds during your first semester. If you embrace a healthy lifestyle now, your chances of gaining the freshman 15 will go down! Ex: I saw my ex over Thanksgiving break –- he totally gained the freshman 15.


#Hashtag: The verbal variation of Twitter’s hashtag trend. Don’t use this term too much, or else people may judge you and think that you’re incapable of human interaction. If you use this term ironically and sporadically, you should be fine! Ex: I made weird eye contact with my crush at the coffee shop… hashtag awkward.


Keg Stand: A party activity where an individual drinks from a keg upside down. If you’ve watched a typical college movie, you’ve seen a keg stand. Usually, your legs are held up in the air as you drink from the keg. Most people usually time how long you can hold a keg stand for. For your own sake, please don’t do a keg stand in a skirt -- it’s embarrassing for you and uncomfortable for everyone. For a definition of keg, please refer to the first college dictionary. Ex: My boyfriend is the keg stand king in his frat.