College Dorm Room In 1910s Included One Very Odd Thing (PHOTO)

This would never, ever, ever be found in a modern college student's room.

Every year, it's the same thing: The back-to-school commercials shill "dorm decor" items that just get more ridiculous. The older generations complain about how the younger generations are ridiculous hot-house flowers who won't cut it in the real world. Come September, most of the stuff is in the clearance bin and we've all moved on to complaining about something else.

But this photo of a college dorm room from nearly 100 years ago proves that customizing one's box-sized shared room is as old as the concept of older generations complaining about younger generations.

Here's a short list of what else hasn't changed in dorm rooms since the 1910s:

- Too many friends in too small of a space
- Using the bed as a gathering spot
- School logo pillows
- Trying to use any photo, artwork or whatever in a vain attempt at making walls seem less institutional
- On-the-door pocket organizer

But the one thing you'd never, ever see in a modern college student's dorm room? That porcelain tea set.

In other news: Here are a bunch of homes that could probably fit into the average dorm room.

Smallest Tiny Homes

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