These Tricked-Out College Dorm Rooms Will Make You Pine For More Than Your Youth

They're nicer than many apartments.

Ah, college: the parties, the relative lack of responsibility, the lasting friendships, the dorm rooms. But even if you long for your college days, you might not necessarily miss having your belongings stuffed into plastic bins beneath a lifted, just-barely-comfortable-enough twin bed that’s shoved up against a bare concrete block wall.

These days, though, it’s a whole other story. While the dorm room setups look largely the same, college students (and likely their parents) are often decorating the small spaces to look just as nice ― if not nicer ― than the digs you’re currently living in.

Dreamy bedspreads, string lights, artwork, and, in one case, even a chandelier make these rooms not only more livable, but downright enviable.

As college students around the country start school this month (and we try our best not to resent them for not realizing how good they will have it for the next four years), we give you their HGTV-worthy dorm rooms.

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