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The 14 Most Disgusting Eating Habits You Developed In College

Remember that time you ate a microwavable burrito every night without fail?

Remember that time you ate a microwavable burrito every night at 5 p.m. like clockwork? And then you ate a second dinner at 8 p.m.? How about subsisting on instant ramen every day for four years? That was college. It was a both a beautiful and a very ugly period in time.

The food habits we picked up in college were a product of being on our own for the first time (ice cream for breakfast?!), of late-night cramming in the library (you needed that bag of Doritos and couldn't survive without it) and, of course, a product of the drinking, when drunk food binges and hangover remedies were basically a daily ritual.

When you can reach your microwave from your bed, and when you can nap between classes, why wouldn't you give yourself a junk food coma on a daily basis? The lengths we went to -- or perhaps more accurately, the depths we sank to -- in order to feed ourselves in our dorm rooms are hilarious and disgusting all at once.

College was great for many things, but our diet wasn't one of them. If you had any culinary inclinations, it was probably an uphill battle from day one. As much as we loved college, there are certain times we prefer to forget. Here are 14 of them.

When all the dishes were dirty.
Instead of washing a bowl, you did this.
They call it the drawer dinner.
What? You thought this drawer was used for clothes? Nah, they're fine on the floor.
This seemed like a totally reasonable plan.
And you're still not sure why it didn't work out so well.
Instant ramen was your best friend.
Your favorite, reliable, comforting friend.
This was your other best friend.
Dependable, easy, giving.
You made whole meals out of cereal.
Russell Sands/500px
And obviously Lucky Charms were a staple in your rotation.
This was the breakfast of champions.
Frederick Bass via Getty Images
Eaten cold, obviously.
This is what date night looked like.
And you wondered why you never got past the first date.
This was normal.
Only in college can your body withstand this punishment.
If you had a fridge, it looked like this.
Fridge Full Of Beer/Facebook
And it was never enough.
When you found your roommate like this, the first thing you thought was, "Ooh, pizza. Can I have some?"
Image Source via Getty Images
How else should you respond?
This is what you called "gourmet."
They look pretty good, right?
No, THIS is what you called "gourmet."
Flickr: paulswansen
Masterpiece, no?
This was your 2 a.m. mandatory snack.
Without it, you could not live.

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