College Essay Tips: 8 Essential Pointers For Writing Your Application Essay

Pen and paper
Pen and paper

By Sierra Tishgart

Get personal! But not too personal! Avoid controversial topics! But be daring! It seems that everyone in your life -- your parents, teachers, and friends -- all have opinions on what makes for the best college essay. The truth is, applying to college is exhausting and tedious, but the essay is your opportunity to humanize yourself as an applicant. You're not just a piece of paper or a statistic related to how many students applied; you're smart, dynamic, and unique from other applicants. A strong essay is what can push a college from a "maybe" to a "yes" -- and for the right reasons (while you should be proud of your SAT score, you want a school to select you for your personality). We asked the experts for their advice on how you can conquer your personal essay by revealing your quirks, interests, and emotions in a professional way.

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8 Essential College Essay Tips